Organic Cotton Meditation Cushion

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About Our Cushions

We needed a zafu that could jump higher. Run faster. Sell cheaper. After months of research, here’s what we’ve created:

Our zafus are stuffed with rice hulls, domestically grown in Arkansas and processed by Riceland Foods farmers’ cooperative. Riceland supports the Arkansas Rice Depot, a non-profit hunger relief organization serving the state of Arkansas. (Learn more at So your zafu not only incorporates an agricultural side product that might otherwise go to waste, but it also supports a business that feeds the needy. (Bet you never thought your cushion was connected with food, huh?) Rice hulls are essentially nature’s memory foam. They’ve long been used as pillow stuffing in Asia, and more recently, rice hull pillows have become all the rage in China.

Our zafus are lighter. This means they are cheaper and more fuel-efficient to ship, as well as easier to carry around if you travel with your zafu. (Did you notice the snazzy handle?)

Our zafus have the perfect texture and firmness. Their feel lands smack between the two more traditional zafu fillings, kapok (a light, expensive, cotton-like fiber that does not grow domestically) and buckwheat hulls (which are heavier and coarser than rice hulls, but also much more expensive). So when you’re sitting on our cushion, you can count on good circulation to your legs, stable support, and less numb-butt.

Our zafus have strong seams. 30 stitches per inch. Seriously, that’s nuts.

Our zafus are made out of organic cotton. We could fill an entire page with just the reasons why organic cotton beats the conventional stuff. Luckily, someone else already did. Contact us and we'll send you the flyer!

Our zafus are made with fair labor, by hand, by us and our friends. We’re two freegan Buddhists out of Connecticut. We’ve got big dreams for this thing. You’re supporting a teeny-tiny home business with a big commitment to mindfulness, meditation, and our product.

Our zafus are the flagship product of a business with a mission. We’d like to make meditation supplies more accessible to everyone—not just those with big bucks to spend now that holistic health is trendy. We’d like to make supplies that are produced ethically, such as by using domestically-sourced materials whenever possible. We’d like to make supplies that are more sustainable than the competition’s, by using organic and biodegradable materials, clean electricity, and durable construction techniques in our production process. And we’d like to make supplies that are just plain cheaper than the next guy’s, without sacrificing quality or outsourcing to poor foreign wage-slaves.